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Well Played LLC // BocceRoll™

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup and play BocceRoll™?

BocceRoll™ is an awesome game to play, so we are so glad you are about to try it out! We have a detailed guide of how to play the game here or download a printable set of instructions.

Can you play BocceRoll™ indoors or outside on pavement?

This is our most asked question and something we’ve thought about a lot. We have some future ideas, but for now we’re focusing on the yard game version. (FYI - there are DIY’rs that have been finding creative ways to make it work if you search youtube)

How do the targets stake down and are they secure?

There are slots on the front and back of each target. Two stakes are able to support the targets well from movement while playing. .

I see two different ball designs in the photos (full color and natural wood with a stripe). Are they both going to be available? What type of wood are the balls made out of? 

We are planning to use the natural wood design with a stripe. The balls are made of premium beech wood!

Are the balls regulation Bocce sized?

No, the balls are smaller than regulation Bocce ones (≈ Φ65mm). We have sized the balls to be optimal for the ramp, targets, and playing BocceRoll™.

Will this game be available in any stores near me?

Not currently, but we are looking for potential retail partners. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out.

I'm not in the US. How and when will I be able to buy BocceRoll™?

We’ve decided to initially focus on the US for now but do hope to sell BocceRoll™ in other parts of the World soon.

Press Inquiry?

If you are interested in learning more about BocceRoll, please reach out.